Visual branding has immense power, and so does your corporate headshot, which is worth investing in. Great professional headshots can help your personal and business branding stand out from the competition. Advertising, design and marketing companies want to communicate style and personality. The quality and style of your headshot can say a lot about your business and how you do business.

Whether you need an image that matches your email signature line or is posted to an online or internal company directory, an engaging headshot which portrays your personality will serve you well. Think of Headshots as your personal brand and as a business asset, and the more you build it, the more valuable it becomes. Potential customers, customers, partners and job seekers research your brand and company and want to see the person behind the company. No two photo shoots look the same, and the design should be based on your personality, industry and customers.

Let your headshot be a welcome guide to branding of your company and point you in the direction of your ideal customer. Keep them in mind when selecting your photos and writing the headlines. The advantage of hiring a headshot photographer is that he can guide you through the entire process and knows which poses work and which don't. Your headshot background also influences which clients you want to book and which future employers you are trying to attract.

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